Equatorial Guinea



The infrastructure division has a focus on assisting the development and provision of facilities which primarily support African oil and gas operations, ensuring the industry is able to discover, extract and transport energy supplies.


The Luba Freeport is a Lonrho held (63% share ownership) and managed deep-water port on the island of Bioko.  This facility is a 'one stop shop' for businesses looking to gain access in West Africa's growing and lucrative gas and oil market.

Given the port's status as a Freeport in respect to custom duties on material imported into the zone and in transit for countries outside of Equatorial Guinea, and its central geographical location, it makes Luba Freeport a unique choice for a West African regional hub.

The port is in the fortunate position to be surrounded by open land as opposed to being "city locked" as is the case for many African ports. This allows for cost effective storage and further plans for expansion without major impact on the surrounding community.

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Equatorial Guinea (Biko Island)